Hoad farm is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, offering you a real getaway from the usual hustle and bustle. Despite its peaceful location, Hoad Farm is perfectly located for easy access to Kent's vibrant cities and Towns. We aim to offer a 'home from home' experience for our guests, ensuring each of our holiday cottages are fully equipped with everything you need for your countryside escape.

The surrounding area is teeming with wildlife and the holiday cottages are well placed for rambling routes and country walks. We would be happy to advise you on walking routes as well as the many other things to do in the surrounding area.

Our three holiday cottages are set on the owner's property, built on the original site of the farm's pigsty. The farm dates back to the 13th Century, where it was said that King John met with the Pope’s Legate to offer him the Crown of England, in exchange for the lifting of the Interdict imposed by the Pope for John’s refusal to appoint the Pope’s choice as Archbishop of Canterbury, with the consequences that priests were unable to christen, marry or bury their flock; this lasted six years. Hoad farm is a stunning reminder of this slice of history, maintaining many original architectural features.

Acrise itself has an interesting history, having been listed in the Domesday Book (dated 1086) as being held by Ansketel of Rots from Bishop Odo of Bayeaux.  It was also home to British, American and Canadian troops preparing for the D Day landings. Acrise takes its name (Old English for 'Oak Rise') from the abundance of oaks that grew on the high ground in the area. There are still many oak trees to be found within the parish.